Testimony from a Singaporean sister

My left hand felt numb for a long time. I went for MRI and find out that I taught Yoga years ago and stand on my head everyday for 10 minutes, and my neck was hurt and I didn’t even know. Actually my no. 3,4,5,and 6. Vertebra had shifted and dislocated. Doctor told me to be very careful, if I move too much, I will feel nausea and dizzy. I did experience 3 times dizziness and nausea. If the situation turned worse, I may become paralyzed or may even die. Every time when therapist touch my wounded area, I will scream “Ah……!The most painful language is just one word “Ah” not even “Yao” the second syllable. Often I will push away therapist’s hand, it’s just unbearable.

Not long ago (March), Tina and Tony came to our church. After Tina preached in Sunday Service, Tony says he’s moved to heal the sick. When he gave the altar call, I told God I want to be healed by You. I stand before the altar and keep my eyes wide open, thinking to watch how God heal us through Tony.

Tony said “Put your hand on where you need healing.” I put both hands on my neck and second thought of my heart was broken too。 So, I put one hand on my neck and one hand on my heart, ask the Lord to heal me.

Then Tina said “Close your eye” I said to the Lord: “I am ready, please come and heal me.”

I heard Tina’s step, she put her both hand on my head and pray at the same time, and release me and walk to my right side. After a while, Tony came to me saying “Shalom” and put his both hand on my head too, then he walked away. In this moment, I saw Jesus walk toward me slowly from my right side, His eyes looked at me, I felt severe heartache, as though the therapist is applying pressure on me for healing. I looked at Jesus and yelled “Oh God Jesus Christ! It’s painful!” Than Jesus walked pass in front of me. I am so anxious, hoping Jesus do not pass me. I cried again, Jesus, Help me! Then Jesus walked slowly to my left side. His look is just like last time I met Him in heaven.

I opened my eye and found that I was kneeling on the floor; I didn’t even know when I knelt down. Suddenly, I felt some ball like stuff in my chest and felt to vomit. I am worried that I might dirty the sanctuary; I open my skirt and hoping to vomit on my skirt. Funny, they are just airs, and I blowed them out three times.

Tina asked us to proclaim 7 times: “I believe, I am healed by God”

Truly I am healed. From that day on, my hand no more numbness and I don’t need to go to hospital any more.  I discharge myself, God made me new again. He comforted me, healed me, delivered me and set me free.  My spirit rejoices, nothing in this world can hurt me again, because God is my protector! Thank You, Father God!