About Us

Sozo Ministries is a Christian Ministry based in New Jersey, U.S.A. Our purpose is to bring the salvation and healing heart of God, through His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to the multitudes.

Sozo Ministries focuses on bringing the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and to teach about the Kingdom of God. Also, to pray for physical and inner healing and deliverance for those in need.

Sozo Ministries ministers to all who need, irregardless of race, ethnic background or national boudaries.

Sozo Ministries aims to help equip others in the Body of Christ, including the Church and/or Cell/Home Groups to do likewise.

Sozo’s dedicated staffs/speakers:

Rev. Tony Chong
Founder of Sozo Ministries.
Originally from Malaysia, is a fourth generation Christian. Involved in healing and deliverance for more than a decade, he has spent thousands of hours in personal ministry to hundreds of individuals in the areas of healing, deliverance and prayer for baptism/filling of the Holy Spirit. Ordained by AEGA to be licensed pastor.
Rev. Tina Chong
Tony’s wife. Originally from Taiwan, grew up in a traditional Chinese family but became a Christian in 1980, and has been involved in healing and deliverance ministries side by side with Tony. Ordained by AEGA to be licensed pastor.
Lili Tien
AEGA ordained minister, also Tina’s sister, now serving along side with Tong and Tina.
Meeijyh Shyy, (Meizhi Shi) was ordained as a prayer minister by Rev. Tony Chong and Tina Chong , the founders of SOZO ministries, on 2017/10/15 in Taipei.
Besides administering personal inner healing sessions, she helps facilitating the Healing Seminars taught by the SOZO Ministries, mainly through DVD.
She also facilitates follow – up discussion groups for the continuation of equipping and building of spirit ,soul and body wholeness in Taiwan .
Mingluoh Mingluoh, was ordained as a prayer minister by Rev. Tony Chong and Tina Chong , the founders of SOZO ministries, on 2017/10/15 in Taipei. A licensed minister of Sozo Ministries stationed in Taiwan, she provides Sozo level 1 training and Sozo level 1 deliverance ministries.
Christine Christine
Tony and Tina’s daughter. AEGA ordained minister. Secretary and Webmaster of Sozo ministries.

Sozo Ministries Healing and Deliverance step-by-step teaching and service concept explanation

The concept of receiving restoration in stages:

Over the past fifteen years, I have repeatedly and repeatedly explained the blessings of the heavenly father to the brothers and sisters who need to be healed, guided by the Holy Spirit step by step, and then observed the effect of the healing.

This allows us to develop the principle of the necessity of “leveled” teaching and ministry. The application of this principle is further supported by the progress in the lives of brothers and sisters who are taught and ministered. The service of Sozo Ministries is to heal the spirit, soul, and body of God’s children, that is, the whole person is fully healed by God. It is not the type of ministries that treats the head for a headache, treating the foot for a foot pain; or separating treatments of the soul and body.

Only in this way, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ can get the real you and me who are transformed and renewed, so that His good will can be accomplished, we can restore the beautiful image created by God, and glorify His holy name.

This “leveled” principle is established to reduce the time and cost of healing, and to make each stage of healing receive the best results. To put it simply, it is to shorten the suffering time of the brothers and sisters who need to be healed, to enjoy the blessing of the Almighty Heavenly Father as soon as possible, to make it easier to spread the gospel to the whole world, and to complete the powerful work of the Holy Spirit.

Level 1. Course

Level 1 Course – Deep Deliverance

This is for those who have not received the ministry of deep deliverance after believing in the Lord, or those who have received the service of deliverance, but are still bound, and are prone to manifestations in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and have never attended any courses from Sozo Ministries; Or brothers and sisters in the Lord who have not received the basic ministries of Sozo. Prepared truth teaching. After class, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the pastor has a group service after class.
The content of the course:

  1. God’s plan and intention
  2. God’s plan in our lives vs Satan’s plan
  3. The functions of the human spirit
  4. The Path of Blessing – Removing Obstacles to Receive Blessings
  5. Unbundling and Forgiveness
  6. Understand deliverance
  7. Understanding deliverance (2)
  8. Belief Systems and False Beliefs in Chinese Culture
  9. Bitter Judgment and Inner Vow
  10. Emotional Injury and Healing
  11. Spiritual warfare and cleansing the land
  12. Rebuild destroyed lives
  13. Fellowship with god
  14. The Spirit of Rebellion and Healing1

Ministries served at this level include:

  1. Generational Iniquities, the bondage of the blood covenant, the confession of sins such as idolatry and sorcery in the appendix of the prayer manual, forgiveness, breaking the bondage, cutting off the soul tie, the bondage brought by the bitterness judgment and the oath, and the belief of non-God Release handling of bundles etc.
  2. Baptized by the Holy Spirit (You can ask the pastor of your church to handle it, or indicate that you have this need when registering for the level 1 course)
  3. Awakening The slumbering spirit (there will be class service after the relevant topic teaching is over)
  4. Deep Spirit-man healing (can only be ministered in small groups, no more than 2 people in each group, (4 people if minors) so additional registration is required. You can use the symptom checklist to check whether you need this ministry, if necessary, please hand over the checklist, service fee /time/location to be arranged separately)

After the above courses and ministries have been completed, you can use the prayer booklet to pray for Lordship prayer everyday, pray for God’s full armor, pray the Declaration of the Power of the Blood, Prayer to Cleanse the House, pray for cleansing after ministering, declare for health, for children, and family members , work, church… etc., and declare “who am I in Christ” every day to feed your spirit.

If you can use the method of “pray-reading” the Bible for devotional practice, the truth will be more naturally imprinted in your heart , no need to memorize, it will flow out of the spirit naturally when needed.
In addition, strengthen the listening and singing of worship and praise of hymns, so as to establish a close relationship with God.

The level 2 course –
the trauma and healing of the human spirit

After taking the first-level course, and after the above-mentioned service and spiritual feeding for a period of time, you can sign up for the second-level course.

Because if you only listen to the first-level teaching (mp3) but do not receive the relevant service, you will fall asleep in class because of injury or spiritual pollution, and you will not be able to receive the teaching, or you will not be able to receive blessings and healing (please refer to “Mend” The theme of “The Way of Blessing”), or may only receive a small part, but it affects the time of other brothers and sisters. Because the speaker or co-worker may have to take the time to deal with your individual needs (spiritual disturbances) before proceeding with the lesson or teaching. Those who have taken the first level courses and received the basic service, they have to wait for the few of you, because they have been processed and repaired, and it is easy to receive this stage of truth.

Therefore, we encourage those who have not taken the first-level courses and have not received basic service, try to sign up for the second-level courses after completing the first-level courses. If you must sign up, be prepared if you do not get what others have If so, just take it as an observation and prepare to participate in the second time. Please also respect the effort, time and money that other brothers and sisters have put in. If you don’t understand or can’t understand, don’t take up class time, or ask for individual service, and you will be more blessed because of the waiting and obedience you have done. , God will remember what you have given.

At this stage, after the relevant topics are taught, we will then serve in the classroom. Because the service done after cooperating with the teaching is through the acceptance and agreement of the truth, and the choice to enter the blessing and grace set by God. Agree The most important key to receiving healing is to understand God’s Word, recognize one’s own needs, and decipher lies. It is pleasing to God to do it proactively, with our free will, to confess and forgive, and to ask God to heal our wounds with one accord.

The relevant services that are coordinated with this stage of the course are:

  1. Wandering spirits, hungry spirits, bruised spirits, cowardly spirits, mildly orphaned spirits, womb trauma (classroom group service)
  2. Imprisoned Spirits Released, Broken Spirits, Polluted Spirits Deeply Released—Individual Service

Level 3 course:

This stage of the course is for those who have attended the first and second stages of the course, and want to further receive the blessing of in-depth healing, or those who want to walk on God’s destiny but still have obstacles, that is to say, those who are actively following Prepared for those who are in trouble on the Lord’s way. The Father’s intention is to let us know His special intention and plan for each of us, and to help us walk into this plan and complete this plan.
Before taking the third-level course after completing the second-level course, the preparations that need to be done are:

  1. Practice of pray-reading the Bible for three months
  2. Proclamation Prayer Booklet “Who Is In Christ” for Three Months
  3. Practice listening to God’s voice and recording it.
  4. Practice acceptance and respect for the inner man, and receive God’s love.
  5. Practice receiving grace, meditating on God’s grace, and relying on God.

II: The Ministry:

  1. Preparatory items before accepting the spiritual transformation:
    1. Do the basic service (the service of the first-level course)
    2. Baptized with the Holy Spirit
    3. Say the Sovereign Prayer
    4. Do the Symptom Checklist
    5. Attended the course of the reversed spirit (or listen to mp3)
  2. Preparations before accepting spiritual turning:
    1. Take the second-level course and the service in the course
    2. It is at least one year after the completion of the spirit steering rough turn
    3. There are still symptoms on the symptom list, and obviously know or spouse, family members, pastors know the symptoms.
    4. I have committed myself to the Lord, and the Lord reigns over this person
    5. Has completed the healing of trauma in the mother’s womb – group and personal service
  3. Has received the healing of the severe broken part, at least received the service person approved by the grace of grace, and has received personal deep inner healing twice
  4. Preparation before individual service:
    1. Have attended the first and second level courses and the service in the courses
    2. Baptized by the Holy Spirit
    3. Served in the spiritual turn to rough turn
    4. Practice listening to the voice of God and record it.

Level 3 Team Service Training Section
Preparations before participation:

  1. Have attended the first and second level courses and accepted the service in the courses
  2. Baptized in the Holy Spirit
  3. The rebellious spirit that has undergone a rough turn turns back to serving God
  4. Practice listening to the voice of God.
  5. Use the prayer booklet to pray every day or often, especially sovereign prayer, full armor, putting on the armor of God, cleansing or cutting off soul ties, safe in God’s protection, the efficacy of the blood of Jesus…etc.
    The first phase of team service training content:
  6. Each group of 6-10 people is in charge of a teacher or trainer
  7. Divide the team members into two groups, one group accepts serving training, and takes turns in order: a. Served; b. Serving; c. Recorder; d, Comforter (for the served People prepare tissues, plastic bags, etc.) e. Contact person. The other group received intercession training, prayed for those who were served that day and recorded it, and handed it over to the service training group.
  8. Through the serving of the served, the serving and others learn how to heal the served with the love and truth of Jesus. Fully respect the free will and privacy of the served. No publicity after serving Disclosure, including pastors and family members of the person to be served. It is the freedom of the person to be served who he wants to tell, and no one else can disclose it without his own consent.

Those who have participated in the first stage of team service training, we recommend that you take part in the second stage of team service training after a considerable period of recuperation, and so on. From shallow to deep, from outside to inside….. For example, the healing concept of peeling onions, we believe that you can get the most healing effect, and you can also avoid the damage caused by hasty actions. For example, if the doctor cuts the wound, it must heal first and grow new tissue, and wait until the physical strength After recovering, the new and the old are adapted and blended together, and then the next cut or other cuts can be cut. Otherwise, when the physical strength is not recovered, the new part lacks enough nutrients and rest to grow and die. Weakness will also affect the originally healthy and strong part to be damaged due to overuse to maintain life. (Please refer to the book written by Pastor TONY&TINA: Out of Brokenness and towards Glory)

Level 4: Go deeper and destroy strongholds

  1. Free from witchcraft, Jezebel’s kingdom
  2. Freedom from religious law, Jezebel’s kingdom
  3. Break free from the bondage of poverty and greed



Prayers and teaching material for you to print, download and use; currently Sozo ministries’ materials are not copyrighted, you can feel free to distribute it as long as you think it helps someone:



1. Lordship prayer

2.Generational prayer (short version)

3. Declaration of Confidence in God’s protection

4. Prayer of Forgiveness

5. Prayers of dealing with judgment and vow

6. Prayers of repentance

7. Restoration of the Spirit

Prayers below should be used with caution, guided by a pastor or a ministor who is experienced:

1 Prayer for Sanctification

2 Prayer to cut ungodly soul ties