About Us

Sozo Ministries is a Christian Ministry based in New Jersey, U.S.A. Our purpose is to bring the salvation and healing heart of God, through His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to the multitudes.

Sozo Ministries focuses on bringing the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and to teach about the Kingdom of God. Also, to pray for physical and inner healing and deliverance for those in need.

Sozo Ministries ministers to all who need, irregardless of race, ethnic background or national boudaries.

Sozo Ministries aims to help equip others in the Body of Christ, including the Church and/or Cell/Home Groups to do likewise.

Sozo’s dedicated staffs/speakers:

Rev. Tony Chong
Founder of Sozo Ministries.
Originally from Malaysia, is a fourth generation Christian. Involved in healing and deliverance for more than a decade, he has spent thousands of hours in personal ministry to hundreds of individuals in the areas of healing, deliverance and prayer for baptism/filling of the Holy Spirit. Ordained by AEGA to be licensed pastor.
Rev. Tina Chong
Tony’s wife. Originally from Taiwan, grew up in a traditional Chinese family but became a Christian in 1980, and has been involved in healing and deliverance ministries side by side with Tony. Ordained by AEGA to be licensed pastor.
Lili Tien
AEGA ordained minister, also Tina’s sister, now serving along side with Tong and Tina.
Meeijyh Shyy, (Meizhi Shi) was ordained as a prayer minister by Rev. Tony Chong and Tina Chong , the founders of SOZO ministries, on 2017/10/15 in Taipei.
Besides administering personal inner healing sessions, she helps facilitating the Healing Seminars taught by the SOZO Ministries, mainly through DVD.
She also facilitates follow – up discussion groups for the continuation of equipping and building of spirit ,soul and body wholeness in Taiwan .
Mingluoh Mingluoh, was ordained as a prayer minister by Rev. Tony Chong and Tina Chong , the founders of SOZO ministries, on 2017/10/15 in Taipei. A licensed minister of Sozo Ministries stationed in Taiwan, she provides Sozo level 1 training and Sozo level 1 deliverance ministries.
ChristineTony and Tina’s daughter. Secretary and Webmaster of Sozo ministries.



Prayers and teaching material for you to print, download and use; currently Sozo ministries’ materials are not copyrighted, you can feel free to distribute it as long as you think it helps someone:



1. Lordship prayer

2.Generational prayer (short version)

3. Declaration of Confidence in God’s protection

4. Prayer of Forgiveness

5. Prayers of dealing with judgment and vow

6. Prayers of repentance

7. Restoration of the Spirit

Prayers below should be used with caution, guided by a pastor or a ministor who is experienced:

1 Prayer for Sanctification

2 Prayer to cut ungodly soul ties